Centro Studi e Ricerche Santa Giacinta Marescotti

The winner of the Musicological Section – 2014

Judges’ decisions, September 15 2014

The Scientific Board of the “Principe Francesco Maria Ruspoli” International Competition carefully evaluated the essays submitted by the competitors participating in the 6th Principe Francesco Maria Ruspoli Musicological Studies International Prize, and decided to award the Prize to ANNA VALENTINI (Cento, Italy), author of the essay Iconografia musicale a Ferrara tra XVI e XVII secolo. The winner will be awarded euros 500,00, during the ceremony at the Ruspoli Castle (Vignanello, Italy), on October 5 2014.

The Scientific Board also decided to confer a special mention to Antonio Jorge Marques (Portugal), author of the essay Niccolò Jommelli rediscovered: a new autograph of a 16 voice Laudate pueri. The Scientific Board declares that both authors are worth a publication in the series Miscellanea Ruspoli. Studi sulla musica dell’età barocca (ed. Giorgio Monari).

The Scientific Board will further discuss if any other essay is also worth a publication in the next volumes of Miscellanea Ruspoli.