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Mostra-Convegno – ’900 sconosciuto: riflessi e riflessioni’

A.P.A.I. – Associazione per la Promozione delle Arti in Italia

Roma – Aranciera di San Sisto (fronte Terme di Caracalla) – 28 ottobre – 1° novembre 2012

Fin de siècle

avrò un tre versi, un sei secondi, ancora:
millennio mio, mi è finito il cammino:
ero un file:
e il tuo bug qui mi divora.

(Edoardo Sanguineti)

Modern day artists are, more or less, debtors towards the whole Art of the late Nineteenth Century (Impressionism, Macchiaioli, Realism, Romanticism, Post-Impressionism, etc.).

The Art of Twentieth Century starts really from authors who, formed in the Post-Impressionist period (Toulouse-Lautrec, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Munch, Ensor), are taken as example for new artistic experiences, primarily from Expressionism (Fauves in France with Matisse, Brücke in Germany with Kirchner) then by the Cubism of Picasso, to the Blue Rider of Kandinsky and Klee, till to Postmodernism.

To the idea of a poetry able to give sense to the reality in its complex according to modalities and proper purposes, corresponds the almost total detachment of the poet from historical and social reality that surrounds him.

In Literature, Philosophy and Politics the crisis of Positivism makes flourish again the idealistic and spiritualistic tendencies, and with the spread of different cultural attitudes and even opposite, united with the rejection of the reason (the doctrine of Superman, the myth of Childhood).

The Neo-Realism, a term first used in cinema, formed the historical background of the resurgence of political debate, the new ideological projects and new hopes.

On these paths, of order and disorder, apparently opposite, but often intersected, the Association APAI seeks to reflect on artistic / literal / philosophical / political demonstrations that have developed during the Nineteenth Century, especially those less known expressions or that had short life, but which appear to be reflected in permanent and projective elements in conjunction with current trends.

In recent years, new authors and actors are appeared and, with the beginning of the Third Millennium, Avant-Gard is taking shape in modified forms, that still remain to investigate.

Those who want to participate in this great project can already ask for informations to: info@apaiarte.it