Francesco Maria Ruspoli e his world

Conference of studies
Castello Ruspoli, Vignanello, 12-13 October 2018

As part of the initiatives on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Prince Francesco Maria Ruspoli International Competition, the Santa Giacinta Marescotti Study and Research Center in Vignanello dedicates a study meeting to Francesco Maria Ruspoli formerly Marescotti (Vignanello 1672 – Rome 1731), first Prince di Cerveteri and sixth Earl of Vignanello, a key figure in Rome, the capital of European culture in the early eighteenth century, patron of the Academy of Arcadia and of great names in music. The study meeting is celebrated in a site of high symbolic value, the Ruspoli di Vignanello Castle which was the birthplace of Francesco Maria, at the top of the historic village which owes the modern urban layout to the same and which was also the cradle of Santa Giacinta Marescotti, beatified in the years of Francesco Maria to be later proclaimed a saint. The patronage of the Roman nobleman has garnered international interest in historical studies for the hospitality given to the young Händel and reciprocated with numerous works composed for him or under his protection, a field of study widely explored and perhaps exhausted, as shown by the recent publication of the volume by Ursula Kirkendale, Georg Friedrich Händel, Francesco Maria Ruspoli and Rome, LIM, 2017. However, in the face of the great international development of historical-musical studies on Francesco Maria and, in part, of the historical-artistic ones, the same does not it is given respect to other subject areas. This study meeting therefore aims to contribute to a greater and broader knowledge of the personality and interests of Francesco Maria, which would make it possible to profitably focus on his complex role in the political, economic, cultural and religious life of the time, as well as contextualize him. more adequately the patronage activity, whose centrality and relevance is now an undisputed fact.

Scientific commission: Álvaro Torrente Sánchez-Guisande, Dinko Fabris, Giorgio Monari

Scientific coordination: Giorgio Monari

Organizational coordination: Elisa Fochetti



Friday 12 October 2018 Institutional greetings 15.00 Federico Grattarola (Mayor of Vignanello) Giada Ruspoli (Honorary President of the S. Giacinta Marescotti Study and Research Center) Silvestro Fochetti (President of the S. Giacinta Marescotti Study and Research Center) Session I – Francesco Maria Ruspoli and his contemporaries Chair Dinko Fabris (San Pietro a Majella Conservatory of Naples, University of Potenza)

15.30 Giorgio Felini (Viterbo), Eighteenth-century Ruspoli portraits in the Vignanello Castle: noble tones and domestic flavors

16.15 Break 16.30 Aneta Markuszewska (University of Warsaw), “Rome cet année ne manquera pas de divertissemens”. Letters from Maria Casimira Sobieska from Rome to her son Jacopo Sobieski Teresa Chirico (Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome), «A very noble theater». Scenographic oratorial arrangements: commissioned by Francesco Maria Ruspoli and Pietro Ottoboni between 1690 and 1713

17.30 Break

17.45 Gaetano Platania (University of Tuscia), The trip of Monsignor Galeazzo Marescotti nuncio to Warsaw and the meeting with the court Alessandro Boccolini (University of Tuscia), Pontifical politics and the interregnum in the Rzeczpospolita of 1668: Monsignor Galeazzo Marescotti nunzio of the Dad

Saturday 13 October 2018 Session II – Francesco Maria Ruspoli and culture in Rome Chaired by Aneta Markuszewska

10.00 Eugenio Ragni (Academy of Arcadia), Arcadia in the years of Francesco Maria Ruspoli

11.00 Break

11.15 Nadia Amendola (Rome), The poem for music dedicated to Francesco Maria Ruspoli, “protector” of the “labors of the literati” Giacomo Gibertoni (Modena), “Oh del Bifronte Colle”: a praise song by Filippo Leers for Francesco Maria Ruspoli Giorgio Monari (Sapienza University of Rome), Francesco Maria Ruspoli and the Society of Jesus


Session III – Francesco Maria Ruspoli in Vignanello Giorgio Monari presides

15.00 Luciano Osbat (Diocesan Documentation Center of Viterbo), Worship and beatification of Giacinta Marescotti at the time of Francesco Maria Ruspoli

15.45 Break

16.00 Maria Celeste Cola (Sapienza University of Rome), Vignanello’s great director. Francesco Corallo and Francesco Maria Ruspoli (1704-1707) Elisa Fochetti (Vignanello), Francesco Maria Ruspoli and the urbanization of Vignanello

17.00 Break

17.30 Warren Kirkendale (emeritus University of Regensburg), speech on the occasion of the awarding of career recognition for musicological studies to Ursula and Warren Kirkendale


Scientific commission: Álvaro Torrente, Dinko Fabris, Giorgio Monari