The Study Center

The Santa Giacinta Marescotti Studies and Research Center of Vignanello is an association sem fins de lucro constituída em março de 2007 na ocasião do segundo centenário of the canonization of Giacinta Marescotti, great-aunt of Prince Francesco Maria Ruspoli, who, in addition to being among the most outstanding figures of Roman mechanics of the eighteenth century, is o mesmo that linked to the town of Vignanello, which owes, among other things, its urban structure.

O escopo do Centro de Estudos is to coordinate and develop projects, ideas, studies, initiatives, creating a concrete bridge for or local reality and or rest do mundo, através de participações and interchange; build a base to participate actively in a process of sustainable development in its forms of ecology, equity and economics, strengthening the cultural identity of the territory on the one hand and, on the other, directly confronting the find the conditions for a better life in one’s own environment.

Born with great ambitions, our association has seen the initiatives undertaken grow in these first years, ranging from social to religion, from philosophy to music.

Since 2009 we have wanted to establish an International Competition dedicated to the music of the Baroque age and named after Prince Francesco Maria Ruspoli, com uma sessão dedicada a toda a musicologia, opening up to young people of any nationality so that they can express and assert their skills, impress a new impetus to the musical art of that exciting period and continue that path that the Prince was able to delineate so well between the end of the seventeenth century and the beginning of the following century. As edições do musical prize não foram vistas as competentes competentes de vários países, from Europe no Brasil, from Japan to Turkey.

The success achieved has prompted and encouraged us to give life in collaboration with Libreria Musicale Italiana ( of Lucca to the Miscellaneous Ruspoli, which contain essays by musicologists selected from those presented in the various editions of the Competition for the musicology section frome dal 2010, and to the Quaderni Ruspoli, dedicated to the vencedores do Prêmio bienal de musicologia Euro-Latin American starting in 2014 in collaboration with the Ruspoli Association with headquarters in São Paulo. On the basis of these experiences, in 2017 our musicological editorial product was enriched by livro fundamental de Ursula Kirkendale, Georg Friedrich Haendel, Francesco Maria Ruspoli and Rome, inaugurating a series of Saggi Ruspoli.

Silvestro Fochetti
President of the Santa Giacinta Marescotti Study and Research Center