Study Centre

Centro Studi e Ricerche Santa Giacinta Marescotti is a non-political association of non-profit social promotion, born from the desire to meet some needs of the territory in order to carry out socially beneficial activities.

It promotes and organizes conferences, seminars and other events, in collaboration with other institutions, on all cultural, environmental and social matters about the territory and its relations with Italy, Europe and the world.

The Study Centre Santa Giacinta Marescotti acts as a liaison between the local reality of Vignanello (VT) – Italy and the rest of the world, through participation, interchanges, projects with associations, universities, local, national and international authorities, for the enrichment of individual, community and Vignanello’s territory potentiality.

In these six years of life, the Centro Studi has coordinated and promoted related activities: the study of historical, artistic, archaeological territory; the recovery of ancient crafts; the awareness for the environment preservation and protection; the investigation of current issues through lectures and public debates, but also through research, publications, guided tours, training courses, workshops and laboratories.

For five years the Centro Studi has also directed toward the music and local culture, encouraging the Sunday of Dialogues and Music festival and the International Competition Prince Francesco Maria Ruspoli.